Text: 1 Sam 25: 1- 42

The male man is the first born of God’s creation and God’s delegate (Ambassador) on earth. He is strong and at times brutish. We must never dare our husbands by saying there is nothing he cannot do. When you dare a man, you might wake up the lion in him and you may not predict what he can do. A man has the tendency to be brutish, harsh, hard, wicked, and evil. To moderate the negative trait of man, God decided to make a woman to step him down. Women are step down transformers.

God in his wisdom has created the female folks to temper them. Women are not inferior. Women are creates to be lovely, tender and caring. Men must respect the women for who they are.

Nobody can know a woman more than his wife. Abigail described her husband vividly. 1 Sam 25: 25, 17. Nabal was a scoundrel, wicked, impossible, a real brute. While Abigail was wise, compassionate, hospitable. On the day of trouble, it was his wise action that saved the day. There are men like Nabal in offices, homes, society and nation at large. Every man like Nabal needs an Abigail to be his wife.

  1. Abigail was on time. Any delay would have left to total annihilation
  2. She knew that to inform Nabal at that time was unnecessary. Delay can be dangerous.

Men in a bid to exercise their leadership role in the house and the society at large have every tendency to err. Men are not dictators or oppressor.

Why Women?

  1. Women see what you don’t see. Allow wives to ask questions, women give men input necessary to take decisions to move the family forward
  2. Women are very spiritually alert and intuitive. Intuition many times does not come with reason
  3. God has created the female folks to be balancing being with a lovely, caring and compassionate heart. Men are usually extreme in their actions. None can do without the other. This is because they complement one another. A wife is not repeat of substitute of ma to a man. It not is like brute hearts. A man must be a priest, pastor, prophet. A man must know the word of God  more than his wife. A man who cannot take responsibility is a castrated man.

A man must be spiritually, financially, mentally and emotionally responsible. If you are a cock, you must crow. A man must be a man. He must be responsible.

Where your husband is, that is how far you have helped him. Wives need to be patient and sacrifice for their husbands.

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