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God has come as the great physician. God has come to cure us of anxiety and worry.Worry is a killer Ps. 37:7-8 Worry is unnatural.Worry is unreasonable. Worry is unhelpful.Worry is unhealthy.Worry is unnecessary.Worry is harmful.Worry is a sin. Nobody worries until he has lost faith in God’s ability to help him. Worry is a sickness of the mind. Worry is a troubled mind. Worry is a killer disease.When we are worried we cannot sleep. Worry will not allow us to see clearly. Worry can make you to make foolish decisions. Turn your worry to worship.


1. Have a personal resolve not to worry about anything. Resolve that you will no more worry

2. The second cure is prayer. Prayer is a tranquilizer, prayer help to distress and reduce your tension. When Hannah had prayed her countenance was no longer sad

3. Worship forget about what you are going through and worship God.Recount God’s goodness and blessings Phil.4:6. Anytime you are about to worry sit down to recount God’s blessings.Everything that comes to be, shall come to pass.

4. When we are faced with life threatening situations that can make us worry imagine the worse but expect the best.A man who is prepared for the worse can never worry. So when the best happens take it with joy. Nobody can fail beyond failure, nobody can die more than death. 1% of things people worry about don’t happen in their life time so why worry. Once we stop worrying all the common diseases will stop. Worry will not change anything. Worry robs us of the energy we need to move forward. Worry will not allow us to think creatively.Worry can bring premature death.  Receive complete cure for worry.

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