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Life can only be used for two purposes

1 God’s purpose

2 Devil’s purpose

There are no two people that have exact the same purpose. There is no room to copy any other person. We can learn principles but we must not copy them.

Everyone created by God is driven by something. What is driving you?

Some people’s lives are driven by the following:

1. Money, (wealth +materialism).

2 Some people‘s life is driven by their past.

3. Guilt and fear.

4. Anger and resentment ( eg Cain,Esau).

5. Parents

6. Possessions and passion.

Things that a believer should be driven by:

1. You are created for God’s pleasure col1:16

2. You are created for God’s family

3. You are created to become like Christ Rom8:29

4 You are created to serve God

5. You are created for a mission

When fear is driving you, there is nothing you are told to do that you will not do.

When your life is driven by money, opportunities may bye pass you. Don’t always go for money first, go for service.

It is in living for Jesus that we find out our purpose Rom 8:1, 12 and Col 1:16

GOD’S PROVISION FOR YOUR PURPOSE –“power to fulfil your purpose’’

Some things that will bring money sometimes come in form of opportunity to serve. Opportunity often comes in disguise. In order not to miss out, don’t go for money first. Look for opportunity to serve first.


1 . Level of survival -merely existing.

2. Level of success

3. Level of significance (dominance) that has to do with living to serve your purpose and the purpose of God you have discovered for your life Act13:36.

You can be a successful man and be an accomplished man. Your purpose determines the job you can do, the partner you can marry and friends you can keep.

When you try to copy someone else, you become a counterfeit and you have not started living until you have gotten to the level of significance. Ecc 9:11

Chance- has to do with favour that is God’s appointed opportunities. Hard work is not sufficient for guaranteeing success.

Hard work is good but favour is better

Favour is what takes a man to his significance; God changes laws to help a person.

Prayer: God flavour my life with your favour.

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