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2TIMOTHY 2:1-7,1:1-2, TITUS 1:1-4,1 TIMOTHY 1:1-2,6:20-21

A father nurtures, protects, projects and preserves you.

Gideon was trying to project Jether his son by asking him to kill Zebar and Zammuna unfortunately he could not. The joy of every father is to produce sons that he can project.

Paul was trying to protect Titus by ordaining him to set things in order. A son can be a true son or just a son.

When a son continuously disobeys his father and is disloyal, he is not a true son. A True son will never misrepresent his father.

A true son bears the resemblance of his father. Paul writing to the Corinthians asked them to imitate him as he imitates Christ. As I imitate Christ, imitate me. A true son follows his father.

There are workers but laborers are better than workers and true sons are better than labourers.

A true son is the eye of his father. He works for his father’s interest.


-He has an unwavering allegiance to what his father stands for.

-A true son is reliable, faithful and dependable

-A true son does not betray his father. He does everything to protect his father

-A true son is loyal to a cause

-A true son is firmly united with the course of his father

-A true son does not live a double life

-A true son is not secretive because he does not have personal agenda

-A true son has access to many things that belong to his father.

1ST Chronicles 12:32-33,38

-A true son is a warrior like his father. Vs 38. Men of war stand spiritually strong, endure hardship, he is  ready for warfare. He must be strong in capacity to endure suffering.

A solider is known by his ability to endure.

-A true son is not in a haste he waits.

-A true son does not compromise or conform

Discipleship toughens us to make us fire brands.

– For a true son food is not his problem, when there is no food, he does not change his message, rather he will turn hunger to fasting.

-A true son does not undermine the authority of his father

-A true son is someone who is fully persuaded. When others leave, he refuses to desert his master. John 6:66-69

-A true son is obedient to higher authority. Recognizes authority and submits to constituted authority whether he is doing well or not.

-A true son is always ready to pay the price for his loyalty to his father. The persecution of a discipler is a disciple’s persecution. His honor is your honor and his victory is your victory.

-A true son does everything to protect the integrity of his leader. Watch out for the interest of your leader. His downfall is your downfall.

A true son has complete intolerance for renegades and murmurers. He must have zero tolerance for backbiters and murmurers/gossips. Are you a true son or just a son

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