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IChrn 29:1-14
NKJV Any service that will be accepted to God must proceed out of our love and affection for God.We don’t give because we want to impress others or are compelled to give.Every gift must be appropriate.We must give gold for the things of gold, silver for the things of silver and bronze for the things of bronze.Every gift must be willingly done. We cannot take credit for whatever we give because all things come to God.What is a sacrifice?To sacrifice means to go the extra length extra mile.We must learn to empty ourselves so that God can have opportunity to give us back in return.We must know that every sacrifice must be brought on time this is because for every Saul there is a David in waiting. David was a man after God’s heart. He said he gave out of his proper goods out of his affection for God.He gave to the house of God.David gave over and above what he should have given. He did not give because it was convenient to do so. Every sacrifice must cost us something.We must grow in giving and sacrifice. As a leader he set the example and his followers offered willingly too. Before a leader asks his followers to sacrifice he should be the first to sacrifice. The bible says the path of the righteous is as a bright shinning light shinning brighter and brighter until the perfect day appears. Pr 4:18

As we grower older in our relationship with God,we must grow in this grace of giving and making sacrifices for God and his work

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