GODLY WISDOM.Godly wisdom is the impartation of Christ’s life that helps us to deal with day to day challenges without compromising our Christian belief. Knowing Christ is the beginning of godly wisdom. There must be that connection. When we are connected with Christ,we get connected to his wisdom because he is the source of wisdom Jesus us wisdom personified. Jesus said he is the way,the truth and  the life. He is life,every other life is no life. Know Jesus,know life.Do you know Jesus? Wisdom is knowing what to per time on every occasion.Wisdom has to do with having a sense of discernment of timing.A person may have relevant knowledge but not be unable to apply it at the appropriate time and he may end up becoming foolish. Wisdom is the ability to discern appropriateness of your action in the present and in the future. Jam 1:19. Knowing what to say and do per time makes a person wise.When a person get angry quickly,he is a good. It takes wisdom to be a wife and a husband. Ask God for wisdom and he will give you. #Godlywisdom#Jesusthesourceofwisdom#Discernment

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