Almost everytime a woman gives birth and the baby happens to be a baby boy the kind of joy and ecstasy that comes with it is so electrifying but when it is girl,I have observed even within Christian circles that the reverse is the case except when the couple have been having boys previously and they they have been trusting God for a girl before. I have also observed over the years that if a man is reporting the birth of a baby girl,he will just write that my wife has given birth to a baby or God has blessed us with a baby.The sex of the said baby will not be disclosed but if it is a boy,the sex will be emphasized. It seems to me that it is either that people do it unconsciously or deliberately. Our culture has slipped into our minds and it is affecting us.In this part of the world we tend to see a boy as more important or valuable than a girl which is very wrong. The other day a woman gave birth and I told my daughter that the way the news was broken indicates to me that the baby is a girl and I was proved right at the end of the end. Every child is a gift from God.No sex is more important than the other. All children are the heritage of the Lord.They belong to God and he chooses who he blesses with children. Let us stop this stigmatization. I have heard of women who bled after delivery because their husbands have told them not to bring the baby girl to house. Some men left their wives in the hospital because she gave birth to a baby girl. That is the height of wickedness. Those who despise their daughters should put themselves in the position of those trusting God for the fruit of the womb for years. Let us learn to thank God for every child that he gives to us in mercy. Having children is not a right it is a privilege. My parents gave birth to seven godly and beautiful daughters who are more than ten sons to them. My father lives with me and I am a woman so what are we talking about. We need a change of heart. #Marriagetruths #Funmi odeyemi

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