Life is a battle

Deut 2: 26-37

Life is a battle. Satan is not a man of peace. There is nothing we can do, Satan will fight us. Life is a journey. The Israelites were begging for a safe passage in destiny. We will not get that which is ours right unless we are ready to fight for it. There are two kinds of battle.

  1. Battle of passage: some people never know this battle because they got crippled when they are young. The second battle is battle of possession. Life is a battle we either choose to fight or we quit. We may have everything fixed for us yet not succeed in life because we cannot fight the battle of passage. When we are growing up we must learn to fight. Life is not just digital,it is spiritual. The physical is controlled by the spiritual. Plus all our getting we must be strong in our hearts. We must not rely on our parents’ ability to pray or fight for us. It is not transferable. These people were withstood / waylaid on the road. Battles come at various junctions of life. Some will have a smooth education only to be delayed at the junction of marriage. Some will get married early yet will have to fight at the junction of child bearing. Life is a battle, we either fight or we are finished and perish.  
  2. Battle of possession: parents must train their children in the act of warfare. Once we align with God no matter the challenges we face, we will overcome. God gave them all the cities that are too strong cities, the Lord gave unto them all. We don’t wait until battle comes before we fortify ourselves, No. The devil loves to wait at a junction we least expect. We must prepare for battle by fasting and praying.

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