Mandate to Win the Lost

Mandate to Win the Lost

There are so many condemned people walking our streets.

Mark 16: 15-16

 Having being led to Christ, we have an obligation to win others to Christ. We can give money clothing and food to people and our parents without preaching the souls. everyone needs the gospel everywhere. Much more than ever before, the fields of the unsaved souls are green. People are going to hell every minute and every second. God made us watchmen over men and not over cars. We are debtors to every soul all around us. In the  taxi, office, we cannot see the power of God at work in our  lives until we go to the fields ti win the lost souls. It is as the disciples went that is when they saw signs following them. Crusade ground is not a place for speaking in tongues but for demonstrating the power of God.

When the church loses the gospel, she has lost the power of God. When the church loses the gospel, she has lost the power. The power of God is an accompanies the gospel. If we want to see the power of God at work, we must preach the gospel. Once we enter into the field of gospel, we enter into the realm of manifestation. The church that stops preaching the gospel is dead. The church on earth is militant. To be militant means to be on the march.

The failure of the church to preach the gospel is already affecting the quality of believers. We are raising in church today. One evidence of genuine repentance is hatred for sin and love for God. We will be ready to lay down our lives for Christ.

True gospel is repent and be converted. 180 degree turn. There must be a noticeable change in your life. Change of focus, attitude, value.

Christ become the centre of your focus 2 Cor 5:15. There is a change of master. The most effective way to preach the gospel is one on one.

John 3: 16. The gospel is not judged mentally but it is the story of God’s love. Before we show people the dark side of the gospel we should show them the bright side __ love.

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