Redeeming the Time

Ephesians 5: 14-17

On this side of eternity, time is the most valuable asset we have as believers. Sometimes we think it is our car, clothes, wife or children. Time can either be wasted or invested.

Nature of Time

  1. Time is inelastic. We cannot enlarge or expand or expand it.
  2. Time is fleeting. Time is running and whatever the amount of time allocated to you by God, you don’t and you cannot do anything to expand it. We cannot hold it.
  3. We have equal amount of time
  4. Time can be used or misused. Since God has given us time to use, we are not to waste time.

The above are the reasons why we must redeem our time. When you waste your time you waste your life.

How to Redeem the Time

Redeem here means to rescue, ransom or bring back

  1. Discern the will of God per time 1 Chr. 12:32, John 4: 34: whatever you do not do at the right time, you are wasting your time. There is a time for every purpose. Know what God wants you to do per time and pursue it.
  2. Time Budgeting: Planning your time to maximize it.
  3. Short term= 1 day
  4. Medium term = 2-5 days
  5. Long term = 5 _
  6. Repent and be zealous Rev 3: 19.
  7. Walking in the illuminated faith. Following a leader who knows the way. John 14:16 Ps 25: 4-5, 10. The Holy Spirit illuminates our path and shows us the way.
  8. Walking in wisdom Col 4: 6 cast away time wasting habits

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