INTRODUCTION: Baptism means to wash, to immerse or to overwhelm. In scriptural terms it connotes going through
a process that produces or indicates transformation or transition. The doctrine of baptisms refers to two spiritual
rituals/experiences that we must go through to become an agent of God’s kingdom. These are:

  1. Baptism into Christ and Gal3:27
  2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit Act1:5
    For the sake of this study we will focus on the doctrine of baptism into Christ.
    The two sides of the cross
    Baptism into Christ is a mystery by which we were supernaturally included in Christ Jesus as he went through the
    cross and resurrection. Rom6:3-5. This spiritual truth have two realities for us.
    a) By his death we also died to:
     Self i.e set free from slavery to sin Rom6:6-7,
     The law (the curse of the law), Rom7:6, Gal3:13
     The World Col 2:20, Gal 6:14
     The Hold of the devil. (Heb 2:14-15, Eph2:6; 1:20-21)
    b) By our resurrection with him, the Spirit of God now powers/drives/animates us. Rom8:11
    Why we need this baptism.
    Self cannot please God, it’s a slave of Sin Rom8:8
    The Law (moral instruction, knowledge about righteousness) cannot make Self do right Rom7:5,7-10
    So all attempt at righteousness results in frustration and perpetual failure Rom7:22-24
    We need a spiritual revelation of this baptism to be free from this dilemma!
    Experiencing the cross in our reality
    What we must do (to experience as
    fact the two realities of baptism into
    Christ. i.e. death and resurrection)

Mortification (experience of
death of self)

Resurrection by the spirit
(experiencing the new life of the )
Walk by faith Rom6:11 reckon yourself as dead Col2:12- see yourself as raised by
faith through God’s power

Offer your body (in prayer as Christ
did in gethsemane) Rom12:1

Rom6:13 since you are dead,
don’t offer yourself to sin again

Rom6:19: but, offer yourself to
God Heb5:7

Constantly depend on the Holy spirit.
(baptizer 1cor12:13)

Rom8:13. The Holy Spirit effects
death in me

Rom8:11 God has put His spirit in
us, that’s how he raised us up

Now, walk in the Spirit Gal5:16. By living by the Holy
Spirit, depending on him we will
experience death.

Gal5:25 remain powered by the
Holy Spirit, walk with him.

Set your eyes (affection, desire) on
things above

Gal6:8 if we sow (receive input
from the world) we will begin to
die to God, and give life again to
the flesh

Col1:1-3, Rom8:5 we continually
keep our mind renewed in this
new life

Don’t go back to self-effort unto

Gal5:1,4- we can fall from grace if
we live by flesh

Gal3:3 if we fail to walk in the
spirit, you will fall from grace

Practical Discussion

Based on above, how do we mortify (put to death) the Flesh?
Why are we still struggling to attain righteousness despite this truth?
How do we practically walk in the Spirit?

o Wait, depend and expect the Holy Spirit to empower you
o Follow his directives, obey, yield your members to Him
o Give Him the glory for every progress of life attained
o When you fail, run to Him again (refer to our past study on repentance)

CONCLUSION: Since we have been baptized with Christ, you are now you own master free to offer your body to
whomever you please, to sin unto unrighteousness or to the Holy Spirit unto righteousness.
The mechanism of putting off the old man, so that the Holy Spirit may manifest the new life, has been fully
accomplished in Christ! May we find this reality like Paul did in Gal2:20!

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