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I Sam 22:2, John 5:1-6

Introduction: It is possible to live a debt free life.

Habit- is a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior.  

One particular man had been there ill for thirty eight years. When Jesus saw him lying on his back-knowing that he had been like that for a long time, he said “do you want to get well again? vs6 (PHP)

When it comes to paying off debt, sometimes drastic times calls for drastic measures. If you are not drastic it can drown you in the mud and become your burial ground.

It is often said that old habits die hard. Never start a habit you cannot stop. Habit that are cultivated over time are what our lifestyle becomes. A lifestyle is a style of life that endures and stays with you over time. It becomes something you are known with. It becomes your identity and description. You can always decide to change your lifestyle by the choices and decisions you make on a daily basis.

Lifestyle- an individual way of life or the activities, possession etc associated with this:

 A debt- something owed especially money, an obligation. Debt- A state of owning something.

Indebted- owning gratitude or recognition to another owning money. French endeter means to be involved in debt. A lifestyle that overcomes indebtedness is a product of discipline.

Discipline- is the ability to control your behavior or the way you live or work. Every man is responsible for the kind of lifestyle he lives. We can choose to live in financial freedom or financial indebtedness

Indiscipline is one major cause of indebtedness especially financial indebtedness. To overcome indebtedness we must be ready to adjust our present lifestyle.  Things cannot continue as usual and expect different results.

Know this God’s plan for us is to be financially prosperous Deut 8:18 one of our redemption packages is prosperity. If God is able to save us from sin, he is also able to save us from poverty and indebtedness. Gal 3:13, 14,29. A man who is begging or borrowing and indebted is living below the expectations of God. 1 Tim 5:8


 Discipline is a key to success in life. An indiscipline person cannot go far in life and is not going to achieve anything good.

Principles to stay above financial challenges, not how much but how well they manage. Luke 16:1-13




3. LOW


Dynamics of debt is that it is a burden that weighs you down until the debt has been paid. What is your financial DNA?

To overcome-to be victorious which denotes that it is a fight/war and battle that must be won. We must be determined to fight with every wrong lifestyle of indebtedness.

  1. Acknowledge that it is not the will of God for you to be a debtor or live in constant indebtedness. Rom 13:8
  2. Take an honest stock of your financial life in terms of your income and expenditure.
  3. Ask sincere questions about how you spend money that leads to indebtedness and be willing to stop it. No more, enough is enough. Will I get to heaven if I am a debtor and I die?


  1. Do I really need this?
  2. Is this what I came to the store/market to buy or get?
  3. Can I do without it?
  4. Am I buying this out of emotions, just to feel good?
  • Suspend any new projects until you have settled your debt. You cannot keep using debt to settle debt. It becomes a web.
  • When God has intervened by providing for you to settle your debt, be faithful in paying back your debt, don’t quickly divert it to do something else. Resist the temptation.
  • Don’t consume more than you produce, don’t spend more than you earn.
  • Discipline your appetites, desires and tastes by self-control. No extras pleasure and leisure. Jam 4:1
  • Avoid wasteful spending. Make social adjustment. Cut back on things that you can do without spending more so that you can pay your debt. Instead of taking transportation or take a walk or exercise.
  • Get something extra doing with your time so that you can make money to offset your debt. Instead of watching TV and playing.
  • Differentiate between wants and needs. A house is important but is it a need now and urgent? A car is important must I own one now? School fees can’t wait, feeding can’t wait etc. New clothes can wait.
  • Sell what you have and pay your debt instead of accumulating junks. Better not to have than to be carrying the tag of a debtor. Which side do you want to belong?
  • Have a change of attitude and mindset about life. Lk 1:37. It is possible to live a debt free life. Renew your mind with the word of God and not copy the world system.
  • Choose your friends wisely. Your company determines your lifestyle.
  • Don’t avoid temporary denial or lack(suffering)
  • Live a life of contentment and thank God for what he has provided now.. Phil 4:10-11. Avoid comparison and competition. Everyone has his class.
  • Resolve not to go into debt any more. Change your lifestyle now.


  1. A joyful life
  2. Peaceful life
  3. Restful life. Sleeps well
  4. Boldness and confidence at all times
  5. No fear of the present or future
  6. Has to give to others rather than owe people.
  7. No fear of embarrassment from creditor.

Can you truly say you are free?

Your status can change today if only you are willing to change your lifestyle.

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