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Text: Heb 12:15-17, 23

The power of choice when properly exercised in an environment can lead to positive change.

When Moses came to years he made certain choices, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and chose to suffer affliction with the people of God.

Life is all about choices. God created man with certain powers.

  1. Power of dominion Gen1:27-28, the power of dominate their environment we can dominate Governance and Politics. Christians must change their attitude.
  2.  Power of multiplication Gen 1:27-28. God never had the mind of making man a robot. We can choose to live the life we want. We can choose where to live we can choose our location. We choose our company and the person we want to marry.
  3. Our present life is a product of the choices we made in our past knowingly or unknowingly Our future will be the product of our present and future choices. We can choose to be a fornicators, drunkards and or adulterers. We have the choice to make informed choices. Heb 12: 15-16.
  4. Esau made series of wrong choices that affected his present and future life.
  5. He chose a wrong lifestyle-living in the open country.
  6. He chose a wrong wife and became.
  7. He chose a wrong location from his parents and his fall was colossal.
  8. He lost his birth right
  9. He fell from grace to grass
  10. He lived all his life a wounded man and he kept wounding others.
  11. He died a profane (godless man) and graceless life. Heb12:16

Things that directly or indirectly influence of our choice

1.  Our environment culture tradition

2.  Our relationships (circle of friends and colleagues  

3. Our personality profile. Don’t live in a cheap house because you will have expensive problems. Sometimes you need to pay for the environment to raise our children.

Never company with a man you don’t want to resemble. Influence is very subtle.

Our knowledge (what we know or do not know) which is ignorance.

Our core value also affects our choices.

Biblical knowledge affects us.

-Our parental upbringing (parental factor) For example is our parents were visiting false prophets there is a tendency that we will also be looking for false prophets.

4. Time and season affect the choices we make.

Past experiences.

Josh 24:15.

Joshua chose to serve God. Have you made your choice? People choose to serve money. Are you born again? Are you on your way to heaven? We must make up our mind that nothing will separate us from the love of God.

The choices we make now are what will help us out at the point of death. We can choose the way we want to live but we cannot choose the consequences of our choice.

We must make choices prayerfully with the future in mind.

We must choose Jesus.  

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