Message delivered by Mrs Beatrice Adesida on Role of mothers on Mothering Sunday held in Reconciliation House


Ex 2: 7-9

We are not mothers by accident.

A mother’s role is to nurse her children.

A mother is to care for the children at home.

A mother nurses and raises her children no matter what. Mothers work 24 hours a day.

Husbands must notice the role of a mother at home. A mother is a doctor, nurse, teacher, homework helper, home keeper. She washes dishes, clothes. She is a cheerleader. She is God-fearing. Pr 31:15

She is an early riser and gives portions to her maidens. She is always out to help in all things. – Prays for them. Mothers care and have emotions ,They are compassionate. It is abnormal to be a mother and not have a compassionate heart.

As mothers we may not be able to prevent pains  our children undergo but  we can lessen it through care and kindness.

 Types of Mothers

1)- Single mother – Divorced, children out of wedlock. We have responsibility to care for our children because they have heavenly.

2)- Social mothers – Adoption through social welfare, legalized.     They have inheritance. Train, teach and nourish.

3)- Mothers by interaction – You care for on the street, place of work.

4)- Children by Christian birth – Those we witness to through evangelism. Naomi, Ruth 1:16. Ruth became Naomi’s daughter through marriage. Daughter-in-laws are our daughters.  1 Tim 1:2 Paul and Timothy. Timothy became Paul’s son in the Lord. How many sons do you have? Can our daughter-in-laws say my mother-in-laws’ God will be my God?

5)- Direct children from our loins.

6)- Surrogate – Helps couples to carry mother.

 Traditional roles

Raise and take care of the home. The mother is a light in the home. She is the light of the home. What mothers see, fathers don’t see. Mothers see details. Be in the spirit. Ask for a discerning spirit. Don’t keep suspecting but be discerning.

3. The mother brings unity to the family and society. Some mothers have created enmity between their husband and children.

Don’t say this is from mummy alone but from daddy and mummy. We are to unite children and children. Avoid comparison. Esau vs Jacob.

 Keep the home. Visitors and relatives will come to a home where there is a good mother.

=>The mother determines who the children will love or hate. Let us accommodate everyone. =>Raising up children.  Moses.

How many of us have time to tell our children stories? Our roots, generations, Yoruba’s tradition. Teach them our language.

 =>Mothers play an important role to make a child what the child will be in future. The way we talk to fathers is important. They imbibe our attitude. The attitude of a mother determines whether the child will be gentle or a bully.

=>Good mothers listen to their children. When we do this, we are creating self-worth in our children. When you shout on or down a child or say he is disturbing. Don’t deceive them. We kill creativity and confidence in a child.

Internal Roles: Nourish and nurture throughout the stages of the life of a child. From pregnancy, prophesy to the child. Any child that is prayed for from the womb .will not be lost. Many went to greet Elizabeth and the baby in the womb. Laban and Jacob.

Bring them to family altar.

Teach them how to sit especially girls. Teach them to respect elders and dress. Teach them manners, how to eat and talk.

 Deut 6:7-9          Breastfeeding

 As they grow up we must teach them to observe their quiet time.

-A mother must have good influence on the children.

-Make them useful.

Fathers Roles

Support and bear one another’s burden.   Gal 6:2.    Cooking, tie gele

If you want your wife to live long, support your wife.

Supply   2 Tim 5:8   -Provide shelter, clothing – Give gifts.

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