(The Chief essence of the Holy Spirit Baptism)

Text: Rom 8: 12-16

The chief essence of having the Holy Spirit baptism is to bring our lives under the control of the Holy Spirit. This battle we will have to confront until death is the battle of control. The battle is constant. There are forces trying to control our thoughts. The battle is a battle of the mind, soul and imaginations. We cannot have peace without the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is a tranquilizer. What brings our wild imaginations under control is the Holy Spirit.

     The Holy Spirit brings peace to our hearts by taking control of our thoughts. Rom 8: 14 says as many as led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God.  One evidence of been a child of God is that we are led by the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? To be led means to be controlled, directed, influenced, governed and guided by the Spirit. “Whoever controls your thoughts controls your life’’. What fills our thoughts? Do we think of offences? People lose hope when their thoughts run wild. The Holy Ghost is in charge of arresting our thoughts when we are tempted to misbehave and bring it under the control of Christ. The Holy Spirit wants to take control over every aspect of our life. The Holy Spirit reveals deep secrets. The Holy Spirit not only tells you a problem but he also provides the solution to the problem. The far you enjoy the Holy Spirit’s leading is determined by how you yield yourself to Him. The Holy Spirit baptism is not all about tongues. If you don’t allow him to control you, don’t speak that tongue again. Handover and surrender your life to God. The problem with us is that we don’t mind his presence neither do we miss his absence. When we mind his absence, we will know when he has withdrawn because He does withdraw when he is grieved no wonder the bible sys grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby you are sealed unto the day of redemption.

We must go beyond just speaking in tongues to enjoy His ministry in our lives.  How yielded are you to the Holy Spirit? Is he the one controlling your life?

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