What is a vision? A vision is a divine insight into God’s purposes, plans and pursuit for a nation, a group of people or an individual. The Bible says “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Prov.29:18

In a specific sense, the pursuit of a vision is what gives birth to a ministry. It therefore follows that where there is no vision there is no ministry. But RECONCILIATION HOUSE is a ministry with a very clearly defined vision.

Some years ago, a young man (Born again, filled with the Holy Spirit) having just graduated from the university was posted to Ondo State for his one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). While he was still at the orientation camp at Efon-Alaaye he encountered the Lord Christ in a morning vision. He first saw a group of people (believers and unbelievers alike) looking harassed, distressed, dejected, confused and helpless not knowing what to do and where to go for help. Their lives had been made miserable by the devil who had bound them. They were like sheep without a shepherd. As he watched in the vision, the Lord spoke saying this was the condition of the Nations and the people that dwell therein. Just then he saw a flame of fire descending from Heaven and falling directly on him. While in the midst of the fire the Lord spoke again saying I have brought you to this place, first to help, seek, find and win the lost and secondly to disciple, train and equip believers across denominations in preparation for the coming revival among the Nations.

That young man is Joshua Olayinka Odeyemi founding President / General Overseer of Reconciliation House. It is more than 20 years now since the Lord gave the vision. Amidst outright opposition and challenges from faithless men and the devil, the Lord has never failed to lend us a helping hand to remain faithful in the pursuit of the vision.

To find the lost, the ministry has gone to the highways, streets, hedges and the lanes. In order to equip and establish the saints, the ministry maintains an itinerant work that has taken us over the years to various churches and ministries in different towns, villages and cities within and outside the country.

As a result, in these places where men have hitherto rejected His (JESUS) Lordship, Jesus is now beginning to reign. The lives of men, not structures or organization are our living testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness in preserving the fruits of this labour.